Krewe of Proteus Parade Route

in Uptown New Orleans
  • The Krewe of Proteus parade will start at the intersection of Napoleon Avenue and Magazine Street in New Orleans.
  • The parade will head along Napoleon Avenue north until St. Charles Avenue, where the parade will turn east (right).
  • The Krewe of Proteus will follow St. Charles all the way to Lee Circle, around the circle and back on St. Charles northward to Canal Street.
  • At Canal, the parade turns right until the intersection of Chartres Street, where the parade will end.
Krewe of Proteus logo

Founded in 1882, the Krewe of Proteus is the second-oldest krewe in Carnival history. Their floats still use the original chassis from the 1880s.

The organization is named after Proteus, the prophetic old man of the sea in Greek mythology, the shepherd of the sea’s flocks. A subject of Poseidon, Proteus could tell the future and change his shape. Like many of the traditional krewes, the King of Proteus is never revealed to public. His float is a giant seashell.

Over the years, the krewe’s throws have included 60-inch red-and-white pearl bead necklaces, plastic tridents and poly-stone medallions.

  • Year founded:  1882
  • Membership:  230 male riders
  • Number of floats: 20 floats

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