Covington Lions Club Parade Route

in Covington
  • The Covington Lions Club begins at the intersection of North Jefferson Ave. and North Columbia St. in Covington, Louisiana.
  • The parade will follow North Columbia Street south until it reaches East Boston Street, where it will turn west.
  • From East Boston, the parade will go southwest on South Jefferson Avenue.
  • At the intersection of South Jefferson and East 15th Avenue, the krewe will turn northwest and follow 15th.
  • On South Taylor Street, the parade will turn towards the northeast and proceed until it reaches at West 23rd Avenue.
  • On 23rd Ave., the parade will turn southeast and venture back down to North Jefferson Avenue.
  • At North Jefferson Ave., the parade will go left and will end at the intersection of North Jefferson Ave. and W 25th Ave.

This krewe was founded in 1959 by the civic society. Along with traditional Mardi Gras floats, antique car clubs, multiple family vehicles, multiple dance groups, and the Saints Super Fans, prepare to be dazzled by The Ride of the Brotherhood on motorcycles, the Shriners in buggies, and horses from Angel’s Grove Ranch and Horse Rescue.

  • Year founded:  1959
  • Number of floats: 18 floats