Mardi Gras World

Where Mardi Gras is Made! 

Have you ever wondered where Mardi Gras is made? Now you can see the parade floats and props used in many of our largest Mardi Gras parades and learn about how they are made right here at Mardi Gras World!

Since 1947, Kern Studios has built the breathtaking floats that are seen in Mardi Gras parades and in celebrations, both in New Orleans and around the world&ellips; all housed at Mardi Gras World.

Experience what it takes to bring Mardi Gras to life! Walk through massive studios where floats are being built from the ground up. Dress up in elaborate Mardi Gras costumes, watch a historic video and eat a free slice of King Cake (difficult to find out of season!). You can also order delicious New Orleans food in the on-site café with great views of the Mississippi river.

Bring your camera! The sheer volume of amazing stuff you'll see is awe-inspiring, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for our world-famous celebration -- Mardi Gras in New Orleans!

Tour times: 9:00am to 4:30pm 7 days a week